Multiplay-Gamers List

his is a list of people who are willing to play Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy online. Contact any of these people or get yourself added (send your info to: if you want to play D2 online.

Tip: Be sure to have a chat program like MSN or ICQ to get in touch with the other player if the game doesn't start or something like that.

Name Email Country Chat Connection Favorite Race
]Bs[FreAkweNtcY USA -5 GMT ICQ: #31039897, AIM: thefraky Adsl Empire
BobMerley Chicago -6 GMT - 56k Undead Hordes
Clyde Biloxi -6 GMT - 56k Empire
Darien ? AOL: Darien790 Cable Empire
Dan ? - 56k Undead Hordes
Fiur Norway +2 GMT MSN: ADSL Any
Jarek Krajewski Poland +1 GMT - Cable Modem Empire/Undead
Jason USA -5 GMT - Cable Modem Empire
Jords UK +0 GMT - ? LotD
Kakan Sweden +1 GMT ICQ: 60913102 ADSL Empire
Natas Missouri -6 GMT MSN: 56k L.O.D
SAS Austria +1 GMT - 56k Clans/Undead
sabre951 ? - ? ?
Williams ? - 56K Empire

Let me know whenever you had any fun online multiplaying games or not.

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