Disciples 2 Cheats

o activate cheatmodes press [Enter] during game play, enter one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again.

moneyfornothingMana and gold set to 9999
borntorunReset party movement points to full
help!Heal entire party
wearethechampionsWin mission
loserLose mission
herecomesthesunFull map
paintitblackHide map
anotherbrickinthewallAllow buildings in the capital again
givepeaceachancePeace with all countries
badtotheboneWar with all countries
cometogetherAlliance with all countries
jumpAll party members almost at next experience level
stairwaytoheavenAll party members level up
lifeisacarnivalRevive fallen units
allalongthewatchtowerKnow units within enemy cities and generals
invisibletouchAI does not notice you
letsdothetimewarpagainAdvance to a day

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