Disciples 2 Tactics

his list is a compilation of tactics send to the Disciples 2 Dungeon. If you have some useful tips, strategies or tactics don't hesitate to send them to: ament@xs4all.nl.

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Beating really tough bossesby Brett Byers
I've got a tactic I've developed that has to do with beating really tough bosses (I'm talking 1500+ HP). I assume that, if you're facing off against these guys, you're near the end of a mission, and have some money you can burn. What you do is, make three or four new leaders, and fill their ranks with 1st level fighters and long-distance hitters (no magic-users!). Move these parties to near the boss, then end your turn. When the next turn comes, soften the boss with any spells you have, then attack him with your low-level parties. Each party will be killed pretty quickly, but they go down doing damage. With all of this, you should have shaved at least 500-800 HP off of the boss. Now, move in with your high-level parties, and finish the job. I've used this tactic to beat several killer bosses, and believe me, it helps!

General TacticHow to Destroy Capitalsby Emiel Ament
Here are some tips to destroy an enemy capital:

- First of all use all armor/attack spells you have. Always buy spells from other races if you get the chance.
- Casting wards and/or summoned units is useless.

- Always give your leader an armor banner (if he has the ability to use them).
- Items like Soul Rod (paralyze units) and Skull of Thanatos (poison units for 35 damage) are very useful! Hag Ring (polymorph units) won't work.
- Get some Life Potions so that you don't have to go to a town if one of your units die.
- Use all armor/attack potions you have. Be sure that all important units have a max armor of 90 (leader, specter etc.).

- If you're playing the Empire: be sure to have at least one healer. Two Matriarchs is perfect since they heal faster than the guardian does damage.
- If you're playing the LOD: be sure to have at least one Incubus (petrify). Onyx Gargoyles are also useful since they already have some armor (and it's not easy to get armor as a LOD player).
- If you're playing the Mountain Clans: be sure to have at least one booster. The Alchemist (give attack) is very useful to give your leader extra turns (especially if he carries a powerful item).
- If you're playing the Undead: be sure to have at least one locked Specter (paralyze).

Empire TacticEndless healing tacticby Emiel Ament
The orc does 25 damage and the healer +40 You can heal your whole team in a battle if you let the last man live. Put all your units on defense except for the healer. Now the enemy unit does half the damage (let's say for example 20), and your healer heals 40 a turn. That means that your healer can heal one of your own men every two turns. Conclusion you heal better than the enemy does damage so you can heal your complete team before killing the last enemy. The tactic will take a long time if the difference between healing and damage is very small so it can be frustrating when you use it in a multiplayer game.

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