Disciples 2 Dungeon

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Old News
News August 2002
News: 21 August 2002
- I fixed several typo's, thanks goes to Mike.
- If I don't get any response from GameSpy before the 24th of August I'll just start the contest without approval.
- [OFF-TOPIC] I was accepted for the study Media, Art & Design today!! [/OFF-TOPIC]

News: 18 August 2002
- I made a small sketch of the King's Guard. Check it out at the fanart section. I still have to colour it in Photoshop though.

Disciples 2: Collectors Edition
News: 17 August 2002
- I finished the graphical menu for the item section.
- I'm planning to start a small contest where you can win a Disciples 2: Collectors Edition! But first GameSpy has to approve my idea, so you'll still have to be patient.

The Horn of Awareness
News: 14 August 2002
- The item section has been finished. I still have to create a nice graphical interface (like in the units and spells section) though but all the info and pictures are online! Thanks to the help of Jeff Kane (see 2nd of August) the item list was done in no time.

The official logo
News: 13 August 2002
- Sorry for not updating for so long. I was installing some stuff and you know how tricky that can be Ok, Ok, I give you the real reason (since nobody would probably believe the first one): I found out how fun an old game like Fallout 2 still can be. But from now on it's Disciples 2 again!
- Beginning with a typo in the banner (thanks goes to painQuin for the tip). Discisples must be Disciples of course (dumb me).
- I moved all maps to another server (dkheart.hypermart.net) as I promised in the previous update.
- I fixed the Undead Hordes unit list by adding also the fighter units. Don't know why they where missing (probably updated an old version of the list).
- I will finish and upload the complete list of items tomorrow (it's almost finished).

News: 3 August 2002
- The last poll was about FilePlanet because personally I think it takes too much clicking to download all the maps. 60% of the people who voted thought the same so that's why I will move all the maps to another server soon. It might take a while though because I have to ask my hoster if I'm allowed to do this (and he hasn't replyed to my mail for a long time now).
- I'm installing internet to my own computer so that I can keep going on with the website next year. This way it takes some time before I reply to emails. Sorry about that.

Yes it's the Big Gem again
News: 2 August 2002
- Updated the download section with the latest patches (patch 1.41 and Portuguese/German patch). I don't think patching from 1.4 to 1.41 would change a lot though. But at least the people with 1.0 can download the latest patch this way.
- New staff member: Jeff Kane. He mailed me about having too much free time. Well, don't worry about that anymore. There's enough to do at the Disciples 2 Dungeon! Welcome aboard!