Disciples 2 Dungeon

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the Empire Demo the Empire Demo 165mb strategyfirst.ca
The demo includes a tutorial to aid you in your discovery of the Disciples II world and then work your way through the first quest in The Empire campaign.
the Undead Hordes Demo the Undead Hordes Demo 140mb strategyfirst.ca
The demo features the first quest of the Undead Hordes saga.

Flash Movie
Disciples 2 Comic v0.3 Disciples 2 Comic 0.3 785kb
Tells the story of all races in Disciples before the war (after Disciples I) and in the war (in Disciples II) in a wacky way. Fun guaranteed! Left click to view online (if it goes to slow set the quality on medium in the flash menu). Right click and 'save as' to download.

City Battle Video City Battle Video 1.7mb strategyfirst.ca
Download and execute this file to see a sample of a DII city battle.
ISO Spell Video ISO Spell Video 1.1mb strategyfirst.ca
Movie clip of spell animations in the isometric view of the game.
Legions of the Damned Video Legions of the Damned Video 5.8mb strategyfirst.ca
Battle scene filled with fiery magic and action taken from the game.
Mountain Clans Battle Video Mountain Clans Battle Video 7.7mb strategyfirst.ca
Another explosive battle sequence movie clip.

North AmericanPatch v1.0 to v1.41 18.5mb strategyfirst.ca
ChinesePatch v1.0 to v1.3 18.5mb
AustralianPatch v1.0 to v1.3 18.5mb
North AmericanPatch v1.3 to v1.41 3.1mb strategyfirst.ca
AustralianPatch v1.3 to v1.41 2.9mb strategyfirst.ca
ChinesePatch v1.3 to v1.41 2.9mb strategyfirst.ca
UKPatch v1.3 to v1.41 1.6mb
ScandinavianPatch v1.3 to v1.41 4.0mb strategyfirst.ca
FrenchPatch v1.3 to v1.41 2.9mb strategyfirst.ca
GermanPatch v1.3 to v1.41 2.9mb strategyfirst.ca
ItalianPatch v1.3 to v1.41 2.9mb strategyfirst.ca
PortugeusePatch v1.3 to v1.41 2.9mb strategyfirst.ca
SpanishPatch v1.3 to v1.41 2.9mb strategyfirst.ca

Savegame Editor 150kb
Edits a .sg file. It maximizes human players resources (9999). It maximizes a hero's and all his units XP to 5000. Gives heroes 99 movement points for that game.
Unit Editor (beta) 3mb new
Thanks to Codrut Neagu's (aka Andras) programming skills we can now edit unit stats. Try it!

Multiplay-Gamers List
Printable list of D2-players to contact if you want to play a multiplayer game. Contact me if you want to be on this list by sending Your Name, Email, Country, Chat Program (MSN: yourname@hotmail.com), Connection (56k6 modem) and Favorite Race.
Blades of War rules 40kb
The official rules for the Blades of War cardgame that is included in the Collectors Edition of Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy.
Printable Empire Unit List (v2) 160kb
Printable Legions of the Damned Unit List (v2) 200kb
Printable Mountain Clans Unit List 200kb
Printable Undead Hordes Unit List (v3) 170kb
Printable Neutral Unit List (v2) 350kb
Printable Empire Spell List (v3) 50kb
Printable Legions of the Damned Spell List 50kb
Printable Mountain Clans Spell List 50kb
Printable Undead Hordes Spell List 50kb
Printable Item List 300kb
Awnsers on frequently asked questions. Check if your question is here.

After downloading these savegames onto your hard drive, unzip the file into the "SAVEGAME" folder located in the Disciples 2 directory. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest patch of the game (see Patches above) before you open these savegames or it will crash.
Campaign End (Empire) 50kb
Campaign End (Legions of the Damned) 50kb
Campaign End (Mountain Clans) 60kb
Campaign End (Undead Hordes) 60kb