Disciples 2 Dungeon

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Old News
News July 2002
News: 27 July 2002
- I finished the Mountain Clans campaign today. You can download the savegame if you want to see the ending movie.
- I destroyed three capitals in the last scenario. Go to the tactics section and read 'how to destroy capitals' if you also like to get rid of those irritating level 1 stacks and rod planters.

Animated Sleeping Goblin
News: 26 July 2002
- Somebody asked me to make an animated gif of the sleeping goblin (well not exactly but I did it after all). It took me some time but here it is!

News: 25 July 2002
- The info section has been completely rewritten. Also added screenshots and a picture for each race.
- The building section has been completed. I got rid of the lists and made one page with discriptions for each type of building.
- Oh yea, I almost forgot: I moved the website to GameSpy! Well, it's not officially (I still got to launch/promote the website) but it's already browsable.

News: 22 July 2002
- I uploaded 17 new maps! I also started seperating the mapsection in singleplayer and multiplayer maps. It's kinda difficult though because I don't have the email adress of most of the authors (those are the maps I got from Disciples2.com).

News: 20 July 2002
- Patch 1.4 had been released yesterday! You can find it in the download section. View the readme for a list of bug fixes.
- There are people in the forum who complain that D2 isn't balanced. But just check that last poll, the votes for Priest/Cleric is almost fifty-fifty!

News: 18 July 2002
- I finished the spell section! Just like the unit section the spell section has a graphical menu and printable versions.

News: 18 July 2002
- Gamez.nl says that D2 will be released in the Netherlands somewhere in September by Mindscape! (thanks to Herman Broekhuizen for his email)

News: 13 July 2002
- Info from the forums: SFI finished Patch 1.4! It will be released probably next week (whenever it passes the Quality Assurance).
- Another poll done. Most of you voted for an expansion. So SFI stop making all those boring patches and start making an expansion
- Uploaded 18 screenshots.
- Uploaded 7 movie art pictures.

The Mermaid
News: 6 July 2002
- I got several emails about units missing in the unit lists (I did say PLUS MINUS 200 units so don't blame me ). I fixed them by adding the water inhabitants and the fiend unit.
- The competition 'Your Creature' has ended today. Nobody signed in for it (I guess you aren't as creative as I thought). No problem, we'll just continue with the good 'ol polls
- I uploaded a new map: Blood Lust by [D2E]mo