Disciples 2 Dungeon

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Old News
News May 2002
News: 31 May 2002
- Joseph Fernandez joined the staff! He also shared his tactic with us how to rush and take over capitals as soon as possible. Visit the tactics-section for that.

News: 28 May 2002
- The tactics-section has opened! Thanks to Brett Byers there is already one tip to read.
- The first poll has ended: 58 people voted in 7 days. The question was if you liked the Disciples 2 Dungeon or not. Well most of you voted on 'Good Job!' so that's a positive result. A conclusion would be: you rated the D2Dungeon for 3,8/5.

News: 25 May 2002
- It's WE now instead of I because five D2 players offered me to help with the website! Especially maprating of course like I was talking about six days ago.
- It's not very special but you have to do something: I made a Disciples 1 gallery.

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News: 20 May 2002
- Well, let's start with the bad news. If I don't have the full version of D2 within a few weeks I will stop with the website. Pro Sotos of Strategy First was so friendly to send a copy of D2 to me (at least that's what he promised). Well, that was 18 days ago and it has still not arrived. I mailed him about it a week ago but I haven't got an awnser yet.
- And here's the good news: I'm planning a competition on the D2 Dungeon! The only thing I can say about it: you got to have some drawing skills (both pen&paper as computer) and it has something to do with a 'bug' in the demo. I'm still thinking about the price though.

Download D2 scenarios
News: 19 May 2002
- I've made a separate maps section and added all scenarios (a total of 27) I could find on other D2 websites.
- I need experienced D2 players who want to help me rate the maps in the map section. Please contact me if you want to help.

News: 17 May 2002
- Good News: If everything goes by plan patch 1.4 should be released in a week or two and will be a maintenance patch that fixes some of the bugs that people have reported in the official forum.
- Ronald van Dijk (aka LordTheRon) found this complete and printable D2 unit list made by Ironied on Danval.net.

Right click and save as to download
News: 15 May 2002
- Version 0.3 of the D2 comic has been finished and uploaded today. It has several new sound effects and a new scene. The scene has some large objects so you have to put the quality (in the flash menu) lower to view the scene correctly on a 'slow' computer.
- Thanks to Raphael Beaupre (better known as Kheemo) we now have a new picture in our fanart gallery.

News: 13 May 2002
- I found these European release dates on the official forum:
France: 29/04/2002
Italy: 19/05/2002
Portugal: 19/05/2002
Germany: 12/05/2002
Spain: 19/05/2002
Greece: 19/05/2002
UK: 16/05/2002
Benelux: 16/05/2002

Yes, I know this Acolyte has no arms! :-)
News: 13 May 2002
- I found stats on Strategy Planet of all Empires units, added them to the unit list. So the cleric and the titan weren't neutral units as I thought (nobody mailed me about it though). Also added the renders (total of 24) to the gallery.
- Another nice thing on Strategy Planet is this article: The Good, the Very Good, and the Plumb Ugly where they compare Heroes 3, Diablo II, Disciples II, Etherlords, and other Strategy/RPG Hybrids

News: 12 May 2002
- While I was surfing around the internet a little bit, and posting on several forums, I found a Savegame Editor. It's not very useful though because there are enough D2 cheats but I like the feature to edit your heroes movement points to it's maximum (99).

Disciples 2 comic v0.2
News: 8 May 2002
- Uploaded a new version of the Disciples 2 comic! The intro has been improved (so that non-Disciple players also understand the story), the second scene has been changed and there is also a new scene! It's also available to skip scenes now.

The official logo
News: 7 May 2002
- There are two new Disciples 2 fansites on the internet. You'll find them in the links section.
- I'm sure most of the North American TBS fans already have Disciples 2 since it was released in January. I read in a Belgium PC magazine PCGameplay that the European verion would be released in April. I called one of the computer stores near my home but they did not had the game yet. So I guess some of you still have to wait.

Disciples 2 comic v0.3
News: 6 May 2002
- I'm working on a flash movie comic about Disciples 2. It tells the story of all four races before the war (after Disciples I) and in the war (in Disciples II) in a wacky way :)

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News: 5 May 2002
- There aren't many things to do as a webmaster when you only have the demo. Except for some fan art then.. so I painted an initiate and coloured it in Photoshop.

Yes, even boots kan have wings
News: 3 May 2002
- Added 18 new items which makes the item section finished for now (the demo has a total of 20 items).
- Also found a lonely ghoul somewhere in the demo. Added him to the list of undead units. And yes, I had to kill him for it :)

Big Gem huh?
News: 2 May 2002
- The Disciples 2 Dungeon has launched! The website isn't finished since I haven't got the full version of Disciples II: Dark Prophecy yet. Only added the information I could get out of the Undead Demo and from other websites.