Disciples 2 Dungeon

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Old News
News September 2002
News: 27 September 2002
- Map update: The Final Encounter v3
- You can't sign up for the competition anymore because the jury is going to pick a winner this weekend! The winner will be revealed on monday.

News: 20 September 2002
- The Final Encounter, a map by Lord H., is ready to download.
- There is still a lot of chance of winning the cardgame since only one person signed up yet! So sign up today!

HOMM Titan
News: 15 September 2002
- The last poll was kinda useless because you don't have to be smart to predict that Heroes of Might & Magic is your second favorite TBS game (if Disciples 2 is your favorite).
- As you can see the poll has dissapeared again and made room for another competition. Another chance to win something nice here at the Disciples 2 Dungeon. And it's not even christmas yet!

News: 9 September 2002
- Another new map ready to download: The Lord of the Night by Lord Xar. This map is huge but Lord Xar promised me that every corner is worthwile a visit!

News: 8 September 2002
- There are two new maps ready to download: Empire's at War by Orby and Lost Angel by Cold Wolf.
- I started rating some maps again but It will take some time though. You all know how much time It takes to finish a map in Disciples 2. If not: A LOT!

Disciples 2: Collectors Edition
News: 7 September 2002
- There where about 50 correct contest entries so I guess it wasn't as difficult as Morok thought (except for the rune in the movie art gallery of course). Here are the answers:

1. Braggi's Battle Rune
Where: Under the "Copyright Emiel Ament"

2. Fregga's Healing Rune
Where: Under the bottom picture of the column on the left hand side.

3. Fulla's Gold Rune
Where: Under the "Neutral Units" link

4. Skadi's Liberty Rune
Where: Under the "Copyright Emiel Ament"

5. Ymir's Purity Rune
Where: In the contacts page to the right of the staff Jeff Kane

But enough for the talk. It's time to reveal the winner. The winner of the competition 'find all five runes' is .. *drrrrrrums* .. Noland Chou! He'll find a Disciples 2: Collectors Edition in his mailbox within a week or so.

News: 1 September 2002
- News from the forum: More patches will be released soon for the people who're still playing with 1.3 (ex. Some people in Belgium). Go to topic
- No other news about Disciples 2 yet but I'll try and figure out what SFI's future plans are. Of course we all hope on an expansion