Disciples 2 Dungeon

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Mountain Clans Spells

Level 1 Spells
Ice Shield
Ice Shield100Runestone Mana
Enchanted units will receive 10% less damage from attacks
Forestwalk25Runestone Mana
The target stack will suffer no move penalty when venturing in forests
Vithar's Might
Vithar's Might100Runestone Mana
Increases by 10% the damage inflicted by the enchanted units in battle
Blizzard100Runestone Mana
Inflicts 15 points of water damage to target units
Summon I: Roc
Summon I: Roc100Runestone Mana
Summons the flying Roc

Level 2 Spells
Hymn of the Clans
Hymn of the Clans200Runestone Mana
Increases by 15% the initiative of the target units
Seafaring50Runestone Mana
The party will suffer no penalty when sailing on water for a day
Ice Pillar
Ice Pillar200Runestone Mana
Inflicts 30 points of water damage to target units
Healing200Runestone Mana
Heals 30 hit points
Sybil's Vision
Sybil's Vision200Runestone Mana
Disperses a small area of the fog of war

Level 3 Spells
Summon II: Valkyrie
Summon II: Valkyrie150Runestone Mana150Life Mana
Summons a Valkyrie
Chant of Hasting
Chant of Hasting75Runestone Mana75Death Mana
Hasted units recover 100% of their moving points
Tempest150Runestone Mana150Life Mana
Inflicts 50 points of earth damage to target units
Chant of Arms
Chant of Arms150Runestone Mana150Life Mana
Enchanted units have 25% greater chance to hit
Ymir's Blessing
Ymir's Blessing225Runestone Mana225Life Mana
Increases by 20% the damage inflicted by the units in the spell area

Level 4 Spells
Chant of Fortitude
Chant of Fortitude200Runestone Mana75Life Mana125Death Mana
Enchanted units will receive 33% less damage from attacks
Wotan's Blessing
Wotan's Blessing200Runestone Mana100Life Mana100Death Mana
Enchanted units have 33% greater chance to hit
Vengeance of Ymir
Vengeance of Ymir200Runestone Mana100Life Mana100Death Mana
Inflicts 75 points of water damage to target units
Ice Spirits
Ice Spirits300Runestone Mana150Life Mana150Death Mana
Inflicts 60 points of water damage at the center of the spell area
Winds of Travel
Winds of Travel400Runestone Mana200Life Mana200Death Mana
All the caster's units recover 100% of their moving points

Level 5 Spells
Summon III: Stone Ancestor
Summon III: Stone Ancestor250Runestone Mana70Life Mana60Death Mana120Infernal Mana
Summons Dwarven Stone Ancestor
Incorruptible250Runestone Mana100Life Mana70Death Mana80Infernal Mana
Enchanted units become unaffected by enemy Thieves
Wotan's Chant
Wotan's Chant250Runestone Mana110Life Mana80Death Mana60Infernal Mana
Increases by 50% the damage inflicted by the enchanted units in battle
Ancestors Call
Ancestors Call500Runestone Mana180Life Mana160Death Mana160Infernal Mana
Increases by 33 the armor of all the caster's units

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