Disciples 2 Dungeon

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Old News
News June 2002
News: 29 June 2002
- I finished the unit section! Phew, that wasn't easy. I had to type in information of +-200 units! Also made a nice graphical menu, added tips to some of the lists and made printable versions (for the people who like to read on the toilet ).

News: 21 June 2002
- I tested several maps and some of them where extremely bad designed. I'll add some mapmaking tips in the map section whenever I have the time. But first I need to finish all the listings (units, spells, buildings, items) so that I can move to gamespy as soon as possible.

News: 18 June 2002
- I just started rating maps but there is a big problem. Some are too difficult with a level 1 leader (and thus made for a higher leveled leader). So I'm asking to all the mapmakers who have a map in the mapsection: Contact me and tell me what level the leader needs to play your map correctly!

Gamespy Logo
News: 18 June 2002
- Gamespy has accepted my website and if everything goes by plan I'll be moving to: www.strategyplanet.com/disciples2/. I'll make a link on this server whenever that happends so don't worry about anything
- Uploaded 8 new maps! I got them from the official website.
- I finished the Empire campaign. You can download the savegame in the download section if you want to see the ending movie. Of course it would be much more fun to finish it yourself!

News: 13 June 2002
- I'm in the last scenario of the Empire saga so that gave me the oppurtunity to finish the Empire unit list.
- Two new tactics: Cities are important by Jim Freeman and Endless healing tactic by myself.
- [OFF-TOPIC] I passed my exams!!! [/OFF-TOPIC]

Disciples II ; Blades of War ; cardgame rules inside
News: 12 June 2002
- I re-typed the rules for the Blades of War cardgame, that is included in the Collectors Edition of Disciples 2, for the people who can't find or lost it. Click on the yellow star on your left or go to the download section to view it.

News: 9 June 2002
- I'm getting crazy of all the topics in the forum about D2-players who are searching for people to play with. Because of that I started a printable multiplay-gamers list which can be downloaded at the download section. Be sure to add yourself as soon as possible if you like to play D2 online!
- There are two new maps send in. Death Island by [FEA]mo and Planes by jeraal. I'm sure these will keep the people who finished D2 busy for now.

News: 7 June 2002
- The second package from Pro Sotos has arrived! And this time with the Collectors Edition of Disciples 2! Am I happy that the first one never arrived (it's somewhere on the bottom of the sea now) because you can't miss that cardgame Blades of War

Big Gem huh?
News: 5 June 2002
- The second poll has ended: 127 people voted in 7 days on their favorite race. In the beginning the Legions of the Damned where popular but after all the Empire was your favorite with 32 votes!
- The competition 'Your Creature' has started today! Click on the picture on the top of this page for more info.