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Latest News
News: 24 March 2003
- Uploaded three new maps: The Great Conquest, Unrest In Dorsteinn and The Last Song. I found them on the official website with only little info. So if one of these maps are yours, please contact me. I would like to know if theyre made for single or multiplayer, if it needs an imported leader etc.

News: 20 March 2003
- Heres some of the new artwork from the upcoming Disciples 2 expansion pack:
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Sources: gameclubcentral.com, http://www.avault.com/
(thanks to Bob_cuadrabiceps for the links)

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News: 19 March 2003
- Seth send in his beautiful piece of artwork of a Moloch. Click on the picture to the left to enlarge.
- Two new maps thanks to Fritz; both single player, 96x96 and with all four races: Elves and Orcs, The Great Lake

Disciples 2 crushes HOMM :-)
News: 17 March 2003
- Wake up call! Strategy First announced that it is releasing two stand alone expansion packs!

"The two expansion packs will each include 2 new high-level mini campaigns, a random map generator, 16 skirmish/multiplayer maps including 10 never-before-seen maps, and all the updates for Disciples II: Dark Prophecy. Art enhancements will include 3 new special characters, new capital backgrounds, new battle backgrounds, new music tracks and more."

- Poll: Its not known how much these expansion packs will cost. I hope Strategy First wont make them too expensive (for a poor student like me ) like EA is doing. Some games are 60 euros now while a year ago they where 45 euros. Vote in the poll and let me know what you think about this.
- Updated menu (easy to read font) and background graphics (better contrast).
- New map: Elven Lands

Squire News: 14 January 2003
- The good news: Thanks to Codrut Neagu's (aka Andas) programming skills we can now edit unit stats!

[ Download Unit Editor BETA ]

It's still a beta version so don't forget to give feedback (on the forum or mail Andas). Andas is also working on an item and graphic editor.
- The bad news: While I had a party at my room someone screwed up my Disciples 2 Collectors Edition CD. So I can't test any maps (damn, and no unit editor) yet before I bought a new game.

News: 4 January 2003
- Gaming site RPGDot reports that Strategy First closed their office in Ottawa. Senior Vice President Brian Clarke blames a decreasing sales of PC titles, but claims the company would still be profitable by the end of the year. I hope it won't affect the Disciples series. More info..

News: 28 December 2002
- Updated the Disciples 2 Dungeon with all the latest maps available. Anjajuar (SFI), The End of the Legion (Lord H), Long Live the Queen (OGrE) etc. 16 new maps available to download! Happy new year!

Vampire News: 26 December 2002
- First of all: sorry for not updating the D2 Dungeon for such a long time. I couldn't because I had no internet for more than 2 months. I'm back now and better than ever. I managed to get cable internet so I can challenge some of you online too! Well, if I still know how to play the game though.
- Good news! SFI is going to make the D2 card game (Blades of War) available for purchase outside of the Collector’s Edition box. It will go up on their web site in January.

Vampire News: 9 October 2002
- StrategyFirst released the 1.41 patch for the UK (published by Mindscape) and the Scandinavian 1.41 patch (published by PanVision).
- Two new maps are ready to download. Another map by Lord H: Shadow of the Vampire. And Apocolypse thanks to DonPC1. Don't forget to give them feedback!
- Disciples 2 didn't score very high on replayability in GameSpy's article 'The Good, the Very Good, and the Plumb Ugly'. I thought they where right because I don't play it much anymore too after I finished the campaign. But I guess they're wrong because 75% voted for 'Yes, I still play it!' in the last poll.

D2 card game: Blades of War
News: 30 September 2002
- Here are the results of the competition 'create a neutral creature':

1.Dread ShadowAdrenaline Rush14
3.Goblin Balloon BomberZahmet7
4.Armoured BuffalotrooperFalcoix6
5.Goblin WolfriderZahmet5
8.The ObserverCaedus2
8.MimikriAszap the Fiop2
9.Scorpion TamerAszap the Fiop1

Click on one of the names for a full and more detailed list.

As you can see Adrenaline Rush is the winner with his scary Dread Shadow. WOEHAHAHAHA! Uhm yes.. Well, he'll receive the D2 cardgame within a week or so.

Previous Poll Results
Games are getting too expensiveI agree
What do you think about the custom maps?Some of them are crap
Do you think D2 is a difficult game?Ok, not for beginners
How did you hear about Disciples 2?Other
Which race has the best storyline?Legions
What to do think about the D2 manual?OK
Is Disciples 2 re-playable?Yes, I still play it!
What's your second favorite TBS game?HOMM
What's your favorite lord?Mage Lord
Have you ever played Disciples: Sacred Lands?I got the full version
Do you ever summon units?Yep
What do you think about FilePlanet? (ex. Maps)Too much clicking
Do you ever use melee 2-spacers? (ex. Giant)Sometimes
What unit path do you prefer: Priest or Cleric?Priest
What would you like to see SFI work on?Expansion pack
What's your favorite race?Empire
What do you think about the D2 Dungeon?Good job!

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